Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in T.A. not L.A. you sweetheart.. ~fresh start~

It's my first night back in Tulungagung -my hometown. Last night, when I was entering the city, there wasn't so many changes I found on the streets and the houses around. It was pretty much the same look since I left this place a year ago. Haha, one year only, what more can I expect! New shopping mall??? Forget it.

Yes, yes, I was finally home and ready to watch WC final. The Netherlands lost, just as what the 'gurita' or octopus predicted. Haha. Kill the octopus!

Anyhow, when I reached home, many things surprised me. There is this big 60-inches flat screen TV in my living room + Sony 5.1 home theatre. Woa. Just a few months old. Even the stickers haven't been removed yet. =b. It's a gift for my dad, mom said.

Moving on to my room, my heart leaped as my eyes captured a glimpse of a new bed cover! Nice welcoming screen, I thought. Never imagined my mom would get a bed cover after all. In fact, she bought each bed a new cover, so actually, it wasn't just for me. Who cares, I'm happy.

Today -12 July 2010- is also my parent's anniversary day. They have been married for 21 years now. I'm also thankfully glad that I can be home for their anniversary and spending this special day with them. FYI, I always go out whenever I'm home. So, today, making myself to stay at home is difficult! Now, I guess, it's so much worth it.

Proceeding to the end of the day, I open facebook, I see well-thought, well-captured, well-edited pictures of my friends and I am happy. I feel how God has done so many great things in my friends' life and I just can stand in awe. They really are progressing. I'm inspired. Oh yeah, I just remembered, this great moment of enjoying the pictures should also be addressed to the the slow connection internet in Indonesia, The slowliness opens my eyes towards a whole new perspective.

Later on, finishing admiring my God's work through my friends life, I decided to open this blog. I feel, it's the perfect time to start something new. I'm in the middle of my study -2 years had passed, 2 years to go. And at the moment, I'm not sure about my short-term future. I had let go several things in the past and is waiting for the next instruction from the Big General. I'm afraid yet excited! I want to hang on! I have to!

God bless you all! xoxo. Good nite.

Hey, all!

Welcome all to my new blog 'prograiss-ion-a'. It's sounded out, right? Well, I just tried forcing my name into the word. I hope, the name will get better in your ears. =b.

Just want to let you know, I name this blog after 'progression' for several reasons. One, I realize that we all are progressing; we are aging every second, we are gaining experiences every minute, we are learning all things new every hour, and we are thinking differently every day. Two, I'm in the middle of this progression; my own life's progression. Three, I want to milestone my progression and share it with you.

For my friends who always encourage me to make a blog or write, I owe you a lot. I'll try my best now!