Monday, September 2, 2013

Ineke & Clara

Recently I enjoyed watching Friends more than ever. My bestie likes the show too. We often imagine how life would be if our friendship could be as strong as the ones in that classic series of American TV.

Just as we were discussing about it, I was in a train with my soon-to-be colleague and sat beside two elderly women. Out of the blue, they started complementing how pretty we were and how unique our faces and hair colors were. FYI, Soukaina comes from Morocco and I come from Indonesia and it is quite common to find Indonesians and Moroccons in the Netherlands. So, to find them talking some good things about us was shocking.

Ater the shock, we started conversing about stuff and made jokes of why after 5-year living in this land of milk and cheese I haven't been able to speak the language boldly. They were so easy to talk to--they have so much to talk to us about, how generations change, how cool they were when they were younger, their travels, their kids, their lives, and most importantly their friendship.

I was the one who asked, "how long have you two known each other?"

They simply answer, "60 years, this year?"

I dropped my jaw. 60 years! My daddy has not even lived that long. Anyway, the meeting with those two ladies made me believe that friendship still exists and it is a beautiful scene to behold. 

Friendship looks good on TV but it is much better in reality. 

Why don't we thank God for a moment for the ones we have today and everyday in the next 60 years of our lives?

Very honored and thankful to encounter you, Ineke & Clara. 

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