Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Some of you may already know that I recently work part time in a restaurant --while trying to look for a full-time job. Unlike my previous working experiences, this part time job gives me a weekly pay instead of a monthly pay.

I used to give my first pay as an offering for honoring God. I did exactly that with my first week salary. The next week, I got extra hours at work and that week salary doubled. I got back what I gave out to God. God really does not owe us anything. On the other hand, he always tests our obedience.

That was the first test. The second test was about tithing. Since my last internship on August 2012, I had not earned anything aside from my parents' pocket money. In some way, I stopped tithing. Now, that I have an income, the question of tithing comes around once again.

Should I set aside 10% for God?

At the end of last week, I decided not to change the way I allocate my money. I supposed since I have given more to God in offering than last year, the tithe can fund the offering budget. I felt fine doing that. I thought, it felt God, I did not lose my peace. I supposed that God was okay with that too.

It was only half a week after that seemingly right decision that God corrected me. Here is how he speaks to me.

I had the urge to throw away the old paper waste this afternoon. Those papers had piled for months and months and no one cared about it, even me. So, I came to my clean and feminine senses, and got a plastic bag and took it outside close to the public garbage bin. I had never disposed paper before although I had lived in this area for over a year. In Eindhoven, the place where I used to live in, paper waste should be separated from the organic waste. I thought that that rule also applies here and I finally just left the bags filled in with paper outside the bin.

It turns out that the act of leaving any garbage outside the bin is a law breach. I get a fine. Not 15 Euros. 90 Euros plus administration costs. And I know it right away that it was a reminder for me not to steal from God. Not that he needs money. It is just that he does not want me to be a thief. That's all. Tithe is his and if in any case, I want it. I am wrong.

He loves me so much so that he does not want to see me going deeper in the wrong way. Whatever it takes, he is bringing me back to his side, to the right place, the correct way.

Rebuke does not always mean hate,
it only tells that a child needs her dad. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Perfect Timing

I wanted to go straight home after my shift, especially after the last guests came late and we got to finish up much later than usual. It was 9:28 pm and I had two minutes before my metro left --I would not be able to make it for that metro if I walk normally, I got to run. The next one was the 9:40 pm. I really did not wanna wait in the cold much longer. So I ran and I made it.

Inside the metro, I checked my earplug. I thought I had my iTouch in the pocket of my jacket, but all I got was the other end of the cable. Panic attacked. Quickly, I decided to get off the metro in the next station and took a metro back. Thank God, as I looked for it I found it. And I, after all, took the 9:40 pm metro home.

This whole night sport for my heart tells me one thing. Yes, it is about being more careful next time, but more than that, it is about God's perfect timing. I can try as hard as I could or run as fast as I could but if God wants me to take the 9:40 metro, I will take that.

Nothing is an accident for God. He designs everything for the good of the people he loves. Even my shortcomings, carelessness, and stupidities, he considers them all in his perfect plan. I am now reminded to not worry whether I am in the right place or not. Yes, I am in God's perfect timing.

~ Raissa

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spread the Rumour

I admit I once lived by rumors of you; now I have it all firsthand - from my own eyes and ears! Job 42:5 (MSG)
I find myself deeply immersed in the reading of this book, highly recommended by a good friend of mine, called Jesus Is. It tells stories about who Jesus really is in a very simple today's language. It quickly captivates my attention --and my emotion-- 'til I can't stop nodding my heads and say, "This is new. This is awesome."

I love good stories, even more the great ones. Well, who doesn't? And as I recall Job, I picture him sitting under a tree with some of his friends just right before his tent, exchanging stories. When the night comes, the audience changes, his grandchildren gather around him, and he began the "Once upon a time..." story.

That is before Job going through hell-on-earth and back. After his unimaginably painful sufferings, Job finally acknowledges that God is mighty and powerful and he is alive. He has an experience with God. It is no longer the stories of his friends.

While pondering on this verse, a thought kicks in. Is it possible for Job to know that the experiences he goes through is from God, if Job has never heard of the story of God before? I personally do not think Job will know. He will rather believe that he is out of luck or all the curse cards are falling upon him.

Job must have felt that it has happened before, to someone in some places, distant. He must have felt that what is happening to him is not new. He hears about it before. Thus, he hangs on --until God returns what is taken away from Job.

What I see in this story was not just how Job experiences God first hand but the stories of how people --and maybe Job's friends-- tell stories about their experiences with God. They do not keep silent. They see the great work of God, his creation, his miracles, and his salvation, and they share it to the world. These sharing of experiences, I dare to say, build up the faith of Job --a man who's known as the most durable man on the history of the earth. Without them, Job might not be as strong as he will be.

Have you shared the goodness and the coolness of God with people in your life today? There may just be a person who needs to hear it lest he will not make it 'til dawn.
Faith comes through hearing, and hearing of the Word of God. Romans 10:17 (KJV)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Energy Booster

The joy of the Lord is my strength. Nehemiah 8:10.

I have always thought that this verse means the divine joy that is GIVEN for us from above to go through our day joyfully. However, even though I still think that my understanding of that verse is not completely wrong, but it is also not complete.

Reading this verse once again yesterday, this verse read to me, "Jesus' joy, God's joy, Holy Spirit's joy is my strength". I began to think that maybe the joy is NOT GIVEN to us. The joy is God's. But instead, strength is given to us. Strength to overcome our obstacles and rise to victories.

The only thing we left to do is to make the joy meter of God full. When He's smiling, happy with our lives, satisfied with our action and decision, proud of us, we will not run out of life energy. Nevertheless, we will surely prevail against the evil forces that are trying to hold us back and keep us from living in the promises of God.

When was the last time you thought of God's feeling when He sees your life?