Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Do listen!

Yesterday I wrote a post about time. Our time should be offered to God, as if we work for God. We do not want to waste our employer's time, don't we?

Today an event happened and it was still in the theme of working for God.

The story started when I ask an employee to do a specific task specifically for me. I clearly told her to do such and such. I laid out the details and stretched on one important thing.

At the time she finished with the task, she came back to me and gave me her work. But it did not come the way I asked her too. Everything is correct except the one thing that I stretched for.

Did not she hear me right?

I was furious. I thought it was such an easy task. I thought even though I did not lay out the instructions, it was logic to not do that one thing. But it was done anyway.

Thankfully the damage was not that bad, but I had to spend more time fixing it. And while I was fixing it I thought about God.

He must have those moments too. Moments when He wants to be furious at us. He clearly laid out the instructions in the Book, but either we are too stupid to not follow them or too ignorant about those guidance, He is very patient towards us.

Maybe just like me who expects my employees to work excellently and listen to instructions, maybe God wants us to be excellent, careful, and focus too.

Have a great Wednesday, friends! Work hard, play harder, love hardest.

Not Mine

This morning I was reminded that my time is God's. 

Time spent recklessly is a theft. 

We do everything for God. We are workers in God's business. In other words, we are His employees. If we laze around and procrastinate, how would our Boss think of us? 

I want my Boss to think that I am a good servant; not just pretending to be a good servant but to actually be one. 

The difficulties for me lie in my OCD-like disease. I want everything to be in place before I enter the room. If I cannot see how the the day will turn out, I really do not want to be in that event. Or if in my mind, I see that something unpleasant would happen to me, I will avoid that with all my might. 

I am spoiled, aren't I? 

I am. I avoid unpleasant things and choose the easy ways. 

It used to work for me; choosing easy answers. At school I would try to answer the easy questions first and leave the harder one for the last minutes. Having the easy questions right had given pretty good outcome but it does not seem to apply for my situation today.

I had answered all the easy questions and it seems that I am left with all the difficult ones and there is no time-limit to this test. It is over when I am done working on those difficult ones. But it is so hard and I just want to submit me the paper as it is. 

(Sigh). I know I must persevere. Even though it takes me one word a day to write the answer, I will answer these (d**ned) questions. 

Teach me to number my days, Lord, so I'd be wise.