Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Fundamental equations that sum my life:

Me + God = Perfect Combo
Me - God = Total Loser

As far as I can remember, my success(es), my victories, or my achievements always include God. Well, what I did was simply acknowledging Him on what I do by praying along the way, thanking Him for everything, having fun and enjoying the moment, and trusting Him to guide my path. In many cases of my life, that works!

It's kinda funny whenever I remember those moments when I wanted it to be perfect but things just turned in opposite way. While the ones that I say, "Let's do it. Let's see what it's gonna be. I don't have any idea but let's enjoy the adventure. Do my best. Pray first (God first)." become the Moment of moments of my life.

I am not saying "let's just be reckless and see what tomorrow brings without planning or even praying first" but it is more on the joy of trusting God in every step of the way. As a Friend, He wants to be in every decision we make (well, why not, He has all the wisdom, very great reinforcement). As a Savior, He knows how to make it work (so, why don't we include Him, in our planning?).

More and more blessings for us!!!

Proverbs 3:5.

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