Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Out of Dust

You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of dust

You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us

Chorus of Beautiful Things by Gungor.

Since yesterday, the lines of this song's chorus has been written on the wall of my room. And just this morning that I had time to stare at the words and thought of what it could mean.

I happened to be vacuum cleaning my room yesterday and I had this bag-less cleaning machine which I find very convenient -- I can see transparently if the dirt container is already full or not yet and I don't have to worry about looking for the right type or size of dirt bag for the vacuum cleaner ever. And while I was throwing away the dirt from the container I saw dust residing besides all any other dirt type you can think of.

Yes, the small, almost invisible, dirty-making, go-to-trash-bin-, worthless particle, that is dust. Yet, if you see beautiful men like the ones in Gay Parade or beautiful women like the mermaids in Pirates of Caribbean 4, they are all from dust. Only God can make something so beautiful out of dust.

Well, I believe, beauty isn't limited to visual beauty only. I normally find beauty in food, music and lyrics, arts, books, movies, sciences, landscapes and other things that don't cross my mind at the moment. They feed my sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch senses.

One thing about beauty is that it is enjoyable. Like art it might not be for everyone but there is a group of people who has similar perspective in looking at beauty. This group of people is the ones who would be able to enjoy that beauty the most.

I also would like to say that God is also beautiful. He is the most beautiful -- well, if you believe He's the one and only source of beauty. And if we are called His sons and daughters, shall not we have traits of beauty in our blood? I suppose, we do.

So, let's make your world and my world a more beautiful place to live today. Each of us has the seed(s) of beauty inside us! Grow it and share the fruits with others! Else, write a poem, compose an encouraging speech, arrange a song, make a movie, shoot a portrait, curve a sculpture, brush a canvas, bake a bread, fry an egg, build a bridge and sing a song!

God beauty out of us!

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