Sunday, October 20, 2013


Sunday morning rain is not falling, there is no reason for me to snooze away and tuck me back under the warm blanket. The odd thing happens again. I wake my alarm up. I mean, my eyes are opened before the first alarm even rings. It rarely happens to me. Rarely, except the last few weeks after I moved to Nijmegen.

I still can't figure out why I wake up earlier than usual. However, it seems that it is for my own benefit. 

The one obvious answer is that I do not miss church. I am going to Hillsong Amsterdam this week and as planned (I had checked the train timetable the night before) I need to take the 9:18 train. When I get to the train station at 9:07, that train will not get me to my destination. It will stop half way. In short, I have to find out another way to get to Amsterdam on time. 

I remember that the next train will make me late to church and even after I stare at the train information display, I do not see Amsterdam. I ran to the information desk just to see that the train to Amsterdam will leave in 3 minutes. 

Perfect timing!

I do not know how it is going to be if I wake up late today. I might be very grumpy and would not be able to enjoy God as much in the service. 

Sometimes I do not even realize that little things like waking up early is also a part of God's design in my life. It is his little prompts and small voices to be the best of us everyday. 

Have I been listening to him as much? Have you? Start with obeying the small little thing he asks.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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