Sunday, June 19, 2011


*in the bus from Philadelphia to New York City, last day of my upper east coast trip.

This trip ends surprisingly.

I am glad I come to Philadelphia and meet my Aunt and her husband. I've never met them before in Indonesia and they have never seen me face to face too. My aunt was close to my Dad and my other Aunties.

I came to Philly very late at night on Friday. But still they welcome me so warmly. They treated me so well and took care of me during my stay. I owe them a very deep gratitude now. And as far as family thing is concerned -- which in most cases, complicated -- I find knowing the never-known relative is fun and energizing.

I know now stories in the past that my Dad never tells me. It is also very heart-warming how a sincere action could really touch a person's life. And it all leaves me with an unending thankful heart for the One who makes it all happens.

Keep sharing resources, time, idea, encouragement and love, folks! I am sure we won't be running out of them after we give 'em all. Bless _.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Forget You

I am not writing a post about the song "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green.

For me, the fact is Jesus loves me so.

The way He loves is unconditional. No matter what I did, how I looked and who my parents were. Even at times when I make silly mistakes and feel so bad about myself.

Forgetful is me. Careless is me. Foolish is me. Yet He still loves me.

Too bad I am forgetful. Too bad I am careless. Too bad I am foolish. I forget how He loves me so. I carelessly get mad at Him. I am a fool thinking He wants me to fail.

The good news is He catches me whenever I fall and then He lets me to stand on my own feet again. I guess, what I need to do is to be more humble and lean on Him all the time despite of the way things should happen like I want it to happen.

Jesus bless you, friends!


I am blessed. I am fully blessed.

In life, I do want so many things: more pocket money, smarter brain, wiser understanding, less bad habits, more collection of clothing and shoes, newest and coolest gadgets, and on-going non-stopping list. Oh, how very human I am. Human with never ending desire and satisfaction. :)

Well, the wants, wants, wants prove that I am alive and not death. And I am just turned 21, thank God (and now Tuti has companion --- at least for a little longer)!

It's exciting to be 21. Well, in the U.S., I am now legally an adult. I can drink alcohol (if I want to), I can rent cars and book hotel on my own, and do so many stuff that a minor can't do. However, I am more thankful that by being 21, I have more days in my life that I can be thankful for.

My best friends, the PreUB clan, made me this blog, a special blog for my birthday. Check it out if you want to see how cool and touching the blog is on The whole blog reminded me of a lot of great and sweet memories. Plus, how lucky I am surrounded by these very caring friends and brothers and sisters in God. O, I feel so loved. And I know I don't have to say this, but deep inside, I thank you PreUB!!!

Anw, I gotta run first. Continue later. NY trip is coming today. I haven't packed my stuff and I am attending CIBU Graduation ceremony for my peers today. I might not have time to do packing afterwards.

God bless you, ppl!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Where I belong

I would never forget where I belong.

I am Indonesian even though more than half of my blood is Chinese related. I speak Bahasa. I have black eyes, brown hair, and not so-pale-skin. I cook Indonesian foods occasionally. I love and enjoy them a lot. Many non-Asian friends would find it difficult to guess correctly from which country I am from. But I am not confused. I know exactly where I am from.

For someone coming from a small town like me (Tulungagung, East Java), I had traveled more than my peers. My motivation is the desire to experience the world, including its culinary. From the beginning I am not a difficult person. I eat what is served on the table. However, if I always have the say, I wouldn't mind eating soto ayam, daging rawon, tempe dan penyetan, burung dara goreng, kepiting saos merah, sate kambing and many other Indonesian foods everyday.

Yes, I miss those times back home: the overflowing supply of food and fruits, the never ending story and discussions on the round-dining table, the non-stop Korean Drama which would make my dad laugh and cry altogether, and the fun beating my cousin in ping pong.

Anyway today's homesick also reminds me that I am not from this world too. My original citizenship is in Heaven. Thanks to the Lord God Almighty who has given His only Son to save me from the hell fire and give me the privilege to have a double citizen (one Indonesian and the other Heaven's citizen).

A day will come when I won't be traveling anymore and I'll come back to the place I belong. It would be such a great joy and reliefs. I would enjoy everything that I long for at the moment. And while I am waiting for that day to come. I am going to travel safely, gratefully, joyfully, and purposefully.

My most dependable insurance

Anything could happen; good ones or bad. But to this promise I will hold on and my heart will praise my God. For ...

...Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me, all of the days of my life.

To the right I see your goodness.
To the left I see your mercy.
And looking around me all I see is Your grace.
All of the days of my life.

Surely goodness - Israel Houghton - The Power of One Album.