Monday, June 6, 2011

Where I belong

I would never forget where I belong.

I am Indonesian even though more than half of my blood is Chinese related. I speak Bahasa. I have black eyes, brown hair, and not so-pale-skin. I cook Indonesian foods occasionally. I love and enjoy them a lot. Many non-Asian friends would find it difficult to guess correctly from which country I am from. But I am not confused. I know exactly where I am from.

For someone coming from a small town like me (Tulungagung, East Java), I had traveled more than my peers. My motivation is the desire to experience the world, including its culinary. From the beginning I am not a difficult person. I eat what is served on the table. However, if I always have the say, I wouldn't mind eating soto ayam, daging rawon, tempe dan penyetan, burung dara goreng, kepiting saos merah, sate kambing and many other Indonesian foods everyday.

Yes, I miss those times back home: the overflowing supply of food and fruits, the never ending story and discussions on the round-dining table, the non-stop Korean Drama which would make my dad laugh and cry altogether, and the fun beating my cousin in ping pong.

Anyway today's homesick also reminds me that I am not from this world too. My original citizenship is in Heaven. Thanks to the Lord God Almighty who has given His only Son to save me from the hell fire and give me the privilege to have a double citizen (one Indonesian and the other Heaven's citizen).

A day will come when I won't be traveling anymore and I'll come back to the place I belong. It would be such a great joy and reliefs. I would enjoy everything that I long for at the moment. And while I am waiting for that day to come. I am going to travel safely, gratefully, joyfully, and purposefully.

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