Sunday, June 19, 2011


*in the bus from Philadelphia to New York City, last day of my upper east coast trip.

This trip ends surprisingly.

I am glad I come to Philadelphia and meet my Aunt and her husband. I've never met them before in Indonesia and they have never seen me face to face too. My aunt was close to my Dad and my other Aunties.

I came to Philly very late at night on Friday. But still they welcome me so warmly. They treated me so well and took care of me during my stay. I owe them a very deep gratitude now. And as far as family thing is concerned -- which in most cases, complicated -- I find knowing the never-known relative is fun and energizing.

I know now stories in the past that my Dad never tells me. It is also very heart-warming how a sincere action could really touch a person's life. And it all leaves me with an unending thankful heart for the One who makes it all happens.

Keep sharing resources, time, idea, encouragement and love, folks! I am sure we won't be running out of them after we give 'em all. Bless _.

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