Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lazy Productive People

I read a section in an article from the Entrepreneur.com and it quickly changes my view on how to work smart. I confess that I spend most of the times working hard when I could outsource those tasks. On the contrary, I forget to focus my time and energy on something that really matters (higher pay-offs for the time). 

The article also refers to sending the email to that big client or making that phone call  as jobs that pays $1,000 per hour while fixing the leaky faucets or extracting a virus from the computer as jobs that should be outsourced. Anyways, this is my favorite part of the article. Why? Simply because that I usually feel very guilty when I don't do "much" during the day.

Don't feel guilty about relaxing. The most productive people are a little lazy. If there are really only a few hours a day in which you do $1,000-an-hour work, does it really matter if you screw around for the rest of the day? Downtime gives you the mental space you need to think. You can't be a great strategist when you're hustling from morning 'til night. Feed your brain instead, so you're sharp when you're negotiating the next sales contract.

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Hire a personal assistant, pay her $10 per hour, she will gladly do it and you can focus on making the sale; which will pay you $1000 per hour. 

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