Sunday, November 3, 2013

Masterpiece in Progress

Tonight I am telling a story of my hills and valleys for the last three days of my weekend. And what I got out of it.

  • First valley: FRIDAY evening. I got out in the right station after fell asleep in the train (and right before the train left for the next destination) only to find myself stuck in another train which brought me to my destination 25 minutes late.
  • Neutral ground: SATURDAY. 
  • First hill: SUNDAY evening. I got a dayticket for free for my return train ticket to Nijmegen. Somebody left it behind and I happened to be the first one to find it.
  • Second valley: SUNDAY night. I forgot my moving boxes on the train. My boyfriend and I had to got through a lot of hurdles to bring them home from IKEA. But when I had to switch trains, I foolishly left them behind on the train (they were in between the train seats and were unseen to my eyes). 
Sometimes I do not understand why I go through so much ups and downs in life.
One thing I am sure of is that I am a masterpiece in progress. Eveything that has happened, is happening, and is going to happen to me are like the potter's hands shaping, adding some water, removing some dirts out, and putting me into the furnace. 

And while I am on the making, it might look ugly. Imagine, the potter's hand full of mud and his clothes splashed with too many colour mixtures and you just want to throw it into the laundry machine. But when the work is done. Rich people are going to fight for it in an auction room. And after a few years, it will stand proudly in one of the greatest museum hall like the Louvre.

Friends, I might not know everything about life now or on my lifetime. But one thing that we can believe on. We are masterpieces in progress. God is the God of artists. He creates beautiful things. And what he creates are always good.

I do not know in what kind of situations your life is in right now. You have experienced disappointments (some to other people and mostly to yourself). You feel that your life is out of control although you have been depending on God as much as your strength could go. Or you feel that you end up in a big mess that strikes you like a lightning. 

God is still working on you.

God is shaping you.

God is carrying out his vision in you.

You are not forgotten. You are here for a great purpose. You are a showcase of God's awesome and mighty works! Don't give up on your life because God has not given up on you. Be willing to be shaped unless you want to make the process longer. Lastly, everyone around you is also a work in progress. You might feel that you are alone in the furnace of life, but you really are not. Everyone can be in the furnace with you. 


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