Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New New New

Announcement to make today: I've got my new Bible I ordered from Amazon today. It's the NIV Zondervan Study Bible - recommended by Ce Lisa. It's a study Bible and there are so many notes all around. I hope I'll find it more interesting to read and learn about the context of the passages written. For most of the time I found it hard and confusing in figuring out the reason or the purpose of the text.

Emotional Swing

Have you ever felt numb inside your heart?

I woke up this morning and felt like doing nothing. It might seem to be a sign of laziness for most of you but it was more than that.

I felt like I had lost all of my passion, confused and not knowing what my dreams were. I was blank; brushing my teeth, taking shower, preparing lunch, doing make-up and going to school just like a robot. All in automatic position. Reacting only when stimulus come.

While Kaka has been so happy today, I seemed to be the opposite.

All in all I find it very strange. It rarely happens to me. However, I happened to read across Isaiah 40 today. What a coincidence! Well, there is no coincidence, God makes it happen.

It's the famous encouraging verses, some of the most beautiful promises written. Starting from 29 up to 31. It says:

He energizes those who get tired,
gives fresh strength to dropouts.

For even young people tire and drop out,
young folk in their prime stumble and fall.

But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.
They spread their wings and soar like eagles,

They run and don't get tired,
they walk and don't lag behind.

These verses do bless me.

Oh yes, one more thing, at the time when I felt nothing, I didn't even want to come to class. I had no mood to step outside my room, ride my bike for 15 minutes and listen the Lecturer for 5 straight hours. But then I was reminded that it's not just about attending classes, it's about everything that I and everyone around me have worked for so hard. It's about investing knowledge in myself so that I can be what I want to be in the future.

Yes, dreams come true is not just one-magic-night-work. It's the accumulation of the effort made each single day, Connie said. I guess, I forget about it today. But now I remember and I will remember it well.

Friday, March 25, 2011

No! Thanks.

Saying "NO" saves.
It rescues from unsupposed-to-be situations which most of the time frustating, money and time consuming, and hard to get out of.
For some people, including me, it is not easy to say firm 'NO' but when it's been said, people gets to understand.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Philip's Instruction

I get the chance to read the passage about the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8 today.

Verse 26 says, "Later God's angel spoke to Philip: "At Noon today i want you to walk over to that desolate road that goes from Jerusalem down to Gaza."

That verse shows us the instruction of God's angel to Philip. I notice, the instruction is pretty clear on the TIME and PLACE. The angel said, "noon" and "road to Gaza from Jerusalem". Philip wouldn't have to worry about getting lost. He knew where to go.

But rereading that verse once again, I realized that the angel didn't say anything about what's the trip about. He didn't talk about the purpose of walking down the road from Jerusalem to Gaza. I wonder if Philip was wondering about what he's about to do.

Moreover he was sent to a desolate place. According to the English dictionary, desolate means barren or laid waste; devastated. It can also mean deserted; uninhabited.

Well, if I were Philip, I would have asked a lot of questions to God. Mostly asking for the purpose of the mission. But thankfully, Philip was obedient enough to follow the instruction. He did made the heaven rejoices.

Thinking again, it must have happened so quickly for Philip to complete the mission. He was probably singing and dancing on that devastated street so loudly before he met the Eunuch. He could also grumble and hate God for sending him to a place so desert and scary. But right after he saw the eunuch, it was all business, and it was an easy catch -remember he didn't have to do anything too difficult or preach out of nowhere; the eunuch was ready to believe. And just as he finished baptizing the eunuch, the angel took him away. No strings attached.

It was surely a good day for Philip. He wouldn't regret going to that dark alley all by himself to save a soul. It was a surprise for him too.

All the thoughts today remind me that it would not be that difficult. Along the way God has spoken and prepared all party's heart and mind. Only when I listen carefully and obey then I will be there. It might be a desert place but I should be moving on because I am on a mission. It's just a click of time before mission accomplished and I'll wonder about God's work in my life and the people around me.

Anw, I didn't expect to write this long. But well, thanks God for His inspiration today. God bless you all!


It's the hour face as I look at the time on iPod. 8:16 AM.

I was half-asleep, just waking up from a warm and tight night sleep. The sleep was better than yesterday's when I had annoying bad dreams. My thoughts in the morning, I felt, tend to be too negative. Or, I would say realistic: without hope and faith.

So, I scrutinized my forehead as I read through the hour, and it wasn't just that once, 8:16 or BIG (nominal to letter reading conversion). These past few days, I happened to see it more often. Spontaneuosly inside my head I responsed, "What is it? What kind of BIG thing is going to happen? What is it now that is for me? Am I ready? Ugh, it seems BIG and difficult!"

Well after asking so much questions, I thought, it wasn't necessary. Maybe, God just wants to say good morning by saying that everyday is a BIG day, don't miss it by sleeping for too long. Or calling me BIG, because He wants me to be like that (not physically but inside). Or, maybe it is also true that there would be any BIG surprises coming on my way today.

Anyway, I am nothing, but with God, who is BIGger than BIG, I am made BIG. So, why can't I put a BIG smile on my cute one and only face? I suppose I won't have an excuse good enough not to at least smile.

BIG HEART brothers and sisters!

Foolish Doubt

Ha ha. I laughed at myself.

I felt like a fool questioning how U love me. But the fact doesn't change. U love this foolish silly forgetful and doubtful little lady. Hihi.

Where are U taking me to? I'm going with U.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Ah, so fast time flies.

I've been wanting to write something down since I came to San Diego, California, U.S. But never got to open this blogging website. And now, it's time to update myself.

So far, everything's nice. I like the harbor, the roads with expensive cars rolling on them, the blue color of the sky, the weather (it's warm but not so humid like in Indonesia and much better than in NL), Sea World and the Old Town, and so much more. There are a lot of new things I experience here -thinking about it now, I recommend myself to write a section about that-.

Well, today I just would like to say that it's the day where I start my adventure. For almost 2.5 weeks staying here in this beautiful city, I have lived mostly inside my room in the hostel or in my new apartment. I watched movies, Chinese drama series, soaps and listened to music and sleep. I cooked as well sometimes. However, last night I made a decision to explore the city more.

I woke up early today, left my house at around 10, and head off to Old City. It was an experience. There were nice old and historical Spanish-American buildings including: Saloon, Horse Stable and tobacco shop (shops you see on Cowboys' movies) and lively sightseers and shoppers. I wish I have a better camera, I'm sure I could capture nice moments.

Next, I took the bus number 9 in direction of Pacific Beach and visit Mister Sushi in Garnet Avenue. The sushi is perfect. I had a very nice chat with the Chef and his wife -they are both Japanese-. And they even gave me a guava -as in fruit-. It smells so good! Like it a lot and for San Diegans, I highly recommend Mister Sushi.

Then I ended my day with a visit to Sea World on my way back. Watching Shamu for the second time was still a refreshing experience. You can't never imagine that killer whales can be that cute.

I am so happy today that I can go out and do something different than my routine -staying in my room and playing with computer. Should do it more often.

The Shamu show gave a very strong message that there is nothing impossible when we believe. The interaction between a very huge mammal like killer whale and human tries to convince the audience that very specific message.

Once again, I want to remind myself and you: everything is possible. It only takes our faith to make it true.