Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's the hour face as I look at the time on iPod. 8:16 AM.

I was half-asleep, just waking up from a warm and tight night sleep. The sleep was better than yesterday's when I had annoying bad dreams. My thoughts in the morning, I felt, tend to be too negative. Or, I would say realistic: without hope and faith.

So, I scrutinized my forehead as I read through the hour, and it wasn't just that once, 8:16 or BIG (nominal to letter reading conversion). These past few days, I happened to see it more often. Spontaneuosly inside my head I responsed, "What is it? What kind of BIG thing is going to happen? What is it now that is for me? Am I ready? Ugh, it seems BIG and difficult!"

Well after asking so much questions, I thought, it wasn't necessary. Maybe, God just wants to say good morning by saying that everyday is a BIG day, don't miss it by sleeping for too long. Or calling me BIG, because He wants me to be like that (not physically but inside). Or, maybe it is also true that there would be any BIG surprises coming on my way today.

Anyway, I am nothing, but with God, who is BIGger than BIG, I am made BIG. So, why can't I put a BIG smile on my cute one and only face? I suppose I won't have an excuse good enough not to at least smile.

BIG HEART brothers and sisters!

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