Saturday, March 19, 2011


Ah, so fast time flies.

I've been wanting to write something down since I came to San Diego, California, U.S. But never got to open this blogging website. And now, it's time to update myself.

So far, everything's nice. I like the harbor, the roads with expensive cars rolling on them, the blue color of the sky, the weather (it's warm but not so humid like in Indonesia and much better than in NL), Sea World and the Old Town, and so much more. There are a lot of new things I experience here -thinking about it now, I recommend myself to write a section about that-.

Well, today I just would like to say that it's the day where I start my adventure. For almost 2.5 weeks staying here in this beautiful city, I have lived mostly inside my room in the hostel or in my new apartment. I watched movies, Chinese drama series, soaps and listened to music and sleep. I cooked as well sometimes. However, last night I made a decision to explore the city more.

I woke up early today, left my house at around 10, and head off to Old City. It was an experience. There were nice old and historical Spanish-American buildings including: Saloon, Horse Stable and tobacco shop (shops you see on Cowboys' movies) and lively sightseers and shoppers. I wish I have a better camera, I'm sure I could capture nice moments.

Next, I took the bus number 9 in direction of Pacific Beach and visit Mister Sushi in Garnet Avenue. The sushi is perfect. I had a very nice chat with the Chef and his wife -they are both Japanese-. And they even gave me a guava -as in fruit-. It smells so good! Like it a lot and for San Diegans, I highly recommend Mister Sushi.

Then I ended my day with a visit to Sea World on my way back. Watching Shamu for the second time was still a refreshing experience. You can't never imagine that killer whales can be that cute.

I am so happy today that I can go out and do something different than my routine -staying in my room and playing with computer. Should do it more often.

The Shamu show gave a very strong message that there is nothing impossible when we believe. The interaction between a very huge mammal like killer whale and human tries to convince the audience that very specific message.

Once again, I want to remind myself and you: everything is possible. It only takes our faith to make it true.

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  1. Happy that you're having fun there,
    give my greetings to shamu!