Sunday, July 10, 2011

Green Light. Walk.

The time on the 5th Street trolley station's board was showing 9.47 a.m. when I impatiently stopped my bike to the traffic light in front of me. I was running late to church and I hated to wait for the sign to turn green. Maybe if I were the me of a-few-years-ago-before-that-accident-happened I would have passed through the stop light.

It was an evening after school. I peacefully cycled my way home. Like what I normally believed --that the roads in the Netherlands were safe and the drivers were very cautious and reasonable-- I confidently and carefully crossed every red lights which were slowing me down on my way. I felt that there were just too many traffic lights.

One last traffic light before I reached home, I was convinced that I had to stop. And I did brake my bike and stopped. What happened next was very eye-opening. I witnessed a car crash just before my eyes. It was like a few seconds ahead of me. I thought, if only I didn't stop on that last traffic light. I would have...

So, back to 9.47 a.m. this morning, yes, I stopped. In that cross road, my stress level raised pretty fast. In front of me there was this very long trolley (a.k.a. metro) blocking my view to the traffic light; I didn't know whether it was red, green or yellow. Well, I let it go. I knew it was green but I couldn't go yet for the trolley was still in front of me and not just blocking my sight but also blocking my way. And after my precious next few seconds the trolley left soundly. But, what a coincidence, behind it there was another trolley coming to the station. Ugh, I almost exploded.

Thankfully, I didn't explode just yet. I succeeded in calming myself down and the second trolley wasn't as long as the first one, therefore I could pass the cross road. Foolish me, getting angry at a traffic light, wasn't me? Well, it seemed like it. But I might have learned something diamond-worthy this morning.

This is what I learn: my turn will come. It doesn't matter how long, what's blocking my way, and how annoyed I could be, there will be a time for me to WALK for it's my GREEN LIGHT. I hope, we all have a little more patience to whatever we are reaching for and working for.


  1. oohh, what a great lesson you shared! and yes, the light will turn green for us, sooner or later. patience is the key. btw you know what i'm talking about, right? LOL :P
    hot chocolate.

  2. makasih ya koh :)..

    kaka, LOL. ngomongin apaan sih kamu? hahaha...