Friday, March 8, 2013

Perfect Timing

I wanted to go straight home after my shift, especially after the last guests came late and we got to finish up much later than usual. It was 9:28 pm and I had two minutes before my metro left --I would not be able to make it for that metro if I walk normally, I got to run. The next one was the 9:40 pm. I really did not wanna wait in the cold much longer. So I ran and I made it.

Inside the metro, I checked my earplug. I thought I had my iTouch in the pocket of my jacket, but all I got was the other end of the cable. Panic attacked. Quickly, I decided to get off the metro in the next station and took a metro back. Thank God, as I looked for it I found it. And I, after all, took the 9:40 pm metro home.

This whole night sport for my heart tells me one thing. Yes, it is about being more careful next time, but more than that, it is about God's perfect timing. I can try as hard as I could or run as fast as I could but if God wants me to take the 9:40 metro, I will take that.

Nothing is an accident for God. He designs everything for the good of the people he loves. Even my shortcomings, carelessness, and stupidities, he considers them all in his perfect plan. I am now reminded to not worry whether I am in the right place or not. Yes, I am in God's perfect timing.

~ Raissa

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