Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beautiful Things

Along with the ups and downs of my spiritual journey, I admit that I have not been praising God with songs and music as much as I used to. Not that praising God in quietness and solitude is wrong, but it is my style to express my gratitude and my feelings with noise. I switch to immersing myself in and studying the Word more than I used to. I made notes and read the word in different versions, just to get a different rhema each day. 

Strangely, without a clear reason, recently, I miss my old style of praise. But as I try to open my mouth, I can hardly say any words nor sing any songs. I am lost for words. Probably, I am not used to it anymore. However as I keep trying to make it a habit, this song below came to me. It was the song that I used to sing almost everyday before the switch. I have forgotten it for a while. But when I start singing it again, I realize that this is my prayers.
Jadikan Aku Indah (GMB) -- Turn me into something beautiful 
Jadikan aku indah
Yang Kau pandang mulia
Seturut karya-Mu didalam hidupku
Ajarku berharap hanya kepada-Mu
Taat dan setia kepada-Mu, Tuhan
Turn me into something beautiful
So You'll see me worthy (holy)
According to Your works in my life
Teach me to put my hope in You only 
Obedient and faithful to You, O God
Kudatang ya Bapa
Dalam kerinduan
Memandang keindahan-Mu
Kuberikan s'galanya
Semuanya yang ada
Ku ingin menyenangkan hati-Mu oh Tuhan 
I come to You Father
With a longing heart
I admire Your beauty 
I am giving you my all
Everything there is with me
I want to please Your heart, O, God

P.S. Sorry for the rough translation. Hope you get me. 

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