Thursday, September 12, 2013

Not Forgotten

God has always been thinking of us. He is preparing many great surprises for us; the ones that we actually need and like. 

In the circle of my close friends, it is known that I have been searching for a job for quite some time. They also know that since two weeks ago I have been offered a trial period in a company in Nijmegen.

Here's the complete version of the story...

For the 7 months I searched for employment, I had been in a long, dark, endless valley. Months passed without leaving any lasting trails and days went by like minutes. Part-time jobs, church, one-or-two days doing nothing except watching TV series, and one-or-two days trampling up and down the internet searching for a job was my weekly routine.

I tried so hard to be financially independent; I thought it was a sign of growing up and having a degree. However, sometimes I would still find myself calling my Mom and asking her to send some money over. Three part-time jobs still could not meet my ends for being able to stay in Europe. [Thanks Mom & Dad for not being stingy with me].

Amsterdam was and is a great city. I like the crowdyness of the streets and the presence of good foods. In my top list of the most frequent visit to a restaurant comes New King, Nam Kee, Kam Yin, Sumo, and the 10€ all-you-can-eat spare ribs place. They make me feel alive and in a movement --in Eindhoven, the city I had stayed before was quieter.

Once I knew that I would move to other city for work, I was very anxious. Since 2008, I had never visit that part of Holland. I did not know what the city has to offer. I was thinking to travel everyday from Amsterdam to Nijmegen. A total of 4 hours of commuting time. 

The first two days of traveling were exciting until the third I began to catch a cold. My will was surely strong but not my body. Thankfully, the boss and colleague insisted me to find a room in Nijmegen and I did send out some interests letters for room ads. That third day, I got a reply and a room. Fourth day of work, I moved in to Nijmegen.

After settling into my room, I wandered to the closest Albert Heijn, chose to take the other route back home, and finally found myself lost in the city.

The rain had just washed the streets of Nijmegen. From the fly-over bridge, the dark orange sky and the sun-setting sun said good-night behind the old church. The down- and up- hills road almost took all my energy away but the views keep giving me a little bit more energy to bike forward. In the oldest city of the Netherlands, I found some artistically-designed museums and city monuments, and some stone-paved roads--must be some left-overs from the Romans day.

At that moment, this thought all flashed down into my head, "It is awesome. Beautiful. Surprising. More than what I imagined the city would be like." And I remembered that God is faithful and the better is really in my future. 

I really believed that there would not be a city better than Amsterdam in Holland but there is. Yes, it took my friends and boss to insist me to move so that I would be able to be where I am right now, but a push and a nudge is sometimes needed for someone like me.

All in all, I am made believe that it is all God's doing. No plans would never fail His plan in my life--I am believing yours too. And indeed, He goes all the way to make it happen for us, even in our reluctance. 

Be prepared for surprises, friends!

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