Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Good Good Morning

I was about 1-minute behind the schedule and I saw my bus passed by me. It was about 200 more meter til I got to the bus stop. I thought to myself, "Oh, great, I am so gonna miss that bus. The driver will not wait for me." So I decided to run after it.

While I was letting go the sad fact that I might have to stand and wait for the next bus that comes in 15 more minutes, I suddenly saw an old lady walking slowly to the bus and she would be the last to enter. I grasped it. That was my chance. I ran for it.

I was still about 5 second run from the bus, but the old lady had entered the bus, the bus' door was closed as well. I almost lost hope 'til I saw that the bus was not moving yet. It waited for me. I could not believe it. It was the first time that a public bus actually waited for a late passenger like me. I finally made it and thanked the bus driver.

He was the kindest bus driver. And even though I ran out of breath, I had a good good morning.

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