Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in T.A. not L.A. you sweetheart.. ~fresh start~

It's my first night back in Tulungagung -my hometown. Last night, when I was entering the city, there wasn't so many changes I found on the streets and the houses around. It was pretty much the same look since I left this place a year ago. Haha, one year only, what more can I expect! New shopping mall??? Forget it.

Yes, yes, I was finally home and ready to watch WC final. The Netherlands lost, just as what the 'gurita' or octopus predicted. Haha. Kill the octopus!

Anyhow, when I reached home, many things surprised me. There is this big 60-inches flat screen TV in my living room + Sony 5.1 home theatre. Woa. Just a few months old. Even the stickers haven't been removed yet. =b. It's a gift for my dad, mom said.

Moving on to my room, my heart leaped as my eyes captured a glimpse of a new bed cover! Nice welcoming screen, I thought. Never imagined my mom would get a bed cover after all. In fact, she bought each bed a new cover, so actually, it wasn't just for me. Who cares, I'm happy.

Today -12 July 2010- is also my parent's anniversary day. They have been married for 21 years now. I'm also thankfully glad that I can be home for their anniversary and spending this special day with them. FYI, I always go out whenever I'm home. So, today, making myself to stay at home is difficult! Now, I guess, it's so much worth it.

Proceeding to the end of the day, I open facebook, I see well-thought, well-captured, well-edited pictures of my friends and I am happy. I feel how God has done so many great things in my friends' life and I just can stand in awe. They really are progressing. I'm inspired. Oh yeah, I just remembered, this great moment of enjoying the pictures should also be addressed to the the slow connection internet in Indonesia, The slowliness opens my eyes towards a whole new perspective.

Later on, finishing admiring my God's work through my friends life, I decided to open this blog. I feel, it's the perfect time to start something new. I'm in the middle of my study -2 years had passed, 2 years to go. And at the moment, I'm not sure about my short-term future. I had let go several things in the past and is waiting for the next instruction from the Big General. I'm afraid yet excited! I want to hang on! I have to!

God bless you all! xoxo. Good nite.


  1. woaa, home theater and my eyes went blinking *tuing tuing* gyahahaha
    keep writing cesa,,
    keep inspiring,,
    keep progressing,,
    hihihi,, God bless!! :D

    p.s. cant wait to see u on Thurs, woohoo! XD

  2. Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
    motivation is what gets you started writing this blog, but developing a habit to write each day is what keeps this blog alive and not just to be a one timer blog... ;-)
    thanks for inspiring me!