Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boss G

It's been over a month since I came to Shanghai, China.

Life turns slightly different for me. It's not easy to get myself exist here. The main reason; the field is completely new for me -i.e. the working place and society. I have to learn to work hard -something that I didn't need to do before.

Now, waking up from my sleep is becoming more difficult. Facing the approaching day and reality puts so many pressure on me. Most morning, I had to take 10-20 minutes winning the battle of mind, trying to convince myself that I can become stronger.

This morning was one of those fierce morning. In complementary, a stomachache attacked me. I could have text Jo -my office manager- telling him that I couldn't make it to work, however, small voices -those smooth, soft, calming voices- grow a little courage in my heart; a courage to actually stand up and hope again for a better day.

At the end, I finally decided to move my feet towards the office. These thoughts convinced myself: my Boss is my God. He is the one who evaluates all my performances. Yes, I might not have big and fancy projects at the moment but I believe I won't do the same little task the rest of my life. His eyes are all over me now; I want to prove that I am worthy enough to receive my promotion.

God is the center of my universe.


  1. aaawww,, let us both be strong and be responsible to everything given to us now, coz as u said, HE is our BIG BOSS, should always give the best to Him, yosh!
    God bless! :D

  2. if you keep on going like this, the Big Boss will take you to great places you've never dreamed before :D
    smangat Zhaaa!!!