Friday, February 18, 2011

A Girl's Night

It's been so long since I really pray, I felt.
Ah, this is what it's called praying with power and authority, I said to myself, praying in another dimension of prayer.

It was like a sudden urge in her heart and she just spit it out. She asked me lightly, "would you like to pray with me?". I was surprised. No one had asked me to pray except my Mom. I was reading my Bible back then, and I answered her spontaneously, "sure. why not?".

After that, we started singing a few songs and praising God. It was her who started the prayer. She thanked God for everything: for the day, the opportunity to be here, for our friends, our family and loved ones and even our troubles. Then she started to pray for me, my future and also her future. She ended the prayer with blessing the night. Complete and simple.

But when we prayed, I couldn't think of anything to pray for -usually when I and my mom pray, we always pray for one another and for one topic and another. It was strange, my mind went blank. But amazingly, she covered all the topics that I could pray for and when she said 'hallelujah' - closing the prayer or waiting for my turn to pray - I just said 'Amen'.

I opened my eyes after that and she did too. She told me afterward that it was the first time she prayed like that. Her prayers were very thorough and she really looked like an expert prayer when she prayed. She was shocked too, never imagined that she could pray like that.

I am very encouraged by her prayers and support. I guess, before the prayer, I just forgot how to pray, you remind me about the power of prayer, Jie! Thank you!

~when she prayed, the faith inside us grew really strong, and it was then reflected in our words -very powerful and refreshes body, mind and soul-~.

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