Friday, August 19, 2011

k e y

I had no idea why my mind was scattered everywhere right after I got back from my holiday. Probably, there is just too many occasions to be processed. Worse, I can't remember what I wanted to do a couple of seconds ago.

Here is the embarrassing yet startling incidents that had just happened to me consequently:

1. I drove home from Tania's place and I need to park the car inside the parking space, but the parking lot's key is inside the house.
2. I had two luggage: one was in the right front seat and the other was in the back trunk.
3. I entered my house code but it didn't work. The house code should have been changed. I thought I needed to ask my housemate about the new code.
4. I parked the car outside (in a random parking space with intention to move it asap) brought the first luggage in but left the second one in the trunk.
5. I got into the house, met my housemate, said 'hi' and burst into my room (I didn't ask about the house code).
6. I got the key to the garage, went out of the apartment, but forgot to take the car keys.
7. I returned to the apartment took the car key, went out and park the car.
8. I suddenly saw someone getting inside the residential area, I had to catch him up, lest I would have to wait for someone else to open the gate for me (I still didn't know the house code) so I ran to him.
9. I got the code and back to my room.
10. I realized that I didn't have my luggage with me.
11. I got out again. This time my housemate asked me to check the post box.
12. I picked up my luggage and walked back to the house.
13. In the front door I remembered I had to check the post box.

Silly! I'm like losing my short term memory.

Above all, I realize that sometimes we could prepare for everything. We thought we had had everything but at the end we still missed one or two things. But despite our carelessness, God makes everything good - for the ones who love Him.

The end of the story, I opened the mailbox and the letter that my housemate had waited for weeks came. And I was the one who brought it to him. Joy-making hand.

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