Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Sun and Me

I have been thinking negatively and worrying a lot these past few days. I know I am not supposed to be but I keep doing it. I wonder what happened to me. 

My friend, as she wrote on her latest blog post says something about the reasons people worry. The post is concluded with how worry can be turned into peace of mind while we change our focus -on God and not ourselves. 

I just happen to realize that it could be true. I have been thinking too much about myself. about what I want, what my future would be, what happened if I had done this instead of that. I make me the center of my whole existence. 

Thank God, God is still speaking through His Words and through people around me. The Words tell a whole different story. A story that demands me to go back to the real center, real core of my life. God. Jesus Christ. 

I imagine our galaxy when I think of God as the center. God is the Sun and we are the planets revolving around Him. For thousands or maybe million of years, the Sun has been able to sustain life on earth and to keep any other planet on their own track without crashing into each other. How awesome. The Sun has the power to that keeps everything in motion. 

And then, I think about how I have been unconsciously making me, and my little life, my worries, in the center of it all. I, let's say I am the Earth, replace the Sun. I suddenly feel so foolish, so stupid. I realize that I won't be able to sustain everything that's going on and has been going on for years. I don't have the power to keep it revolving. I guess, everything collapses in the absence of the Sun. 

Now, I try not to dare substituting the Sun with myself. Let Him be the core of my life and let Him have my focus and my devotion. 

In reply to this blog post of a good friend of mine. 

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