Thursday, September 20, 2012

Can't wait 'til Sunday

You know when you know you know God is about something to do something great and you can't wait to see what happens. 

I have been preparing for Sunday's Service Praise and Worship and I can't be blessed more than this. I just feel so pumped up that I can't not share this with you, my one and only group of friends online. 

I am a passionate person. I like activities. I like doing things and I don't really like sitting behind laptops and writing blog. No, I am joking, for the latter. But I meant, I usually am an active person. I go out, play basketball or hit some ping pong balls, with no one playing against me -- am unbeatable, what's up y'all. Well, at least I am unbeatable in my family (there you have it, Dad, haha). But please don't come to me in a sudden and challenge me to play with you. I am sure you're gonna kick my ass. 

Anyway, yeah, as how Sunday will go, I am super excited about it because God is so good. He has turned my mourning into dancing. You know, I have been having hard time completing my thesis writing and I still am. But these times I have spent searching for some encouraging songs to be sung on Sunday have already encouraged me a lot. I believe, like He has blessed me today He's gonna bless the ones who attend the service this Sunday. Not because of the songs, but because God is so loving that He wants to bless us with all the richness that He has --caution: it's not just worldly materials that He wants to abundantly pour down on us, but, He's talking healing powers, restoration in relationships, peace of heart and mind, strength to carry on and so on and so on. 

I really hope you would consider going to your home church if you have one this Sunday and if you don't please do pray and look for one, because you will not only have a heap of fun but also witness the awesomeness of God. Jesus Christ.

Be blessed!

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