Thursday, April 4, 2013


A recent talk with the greatest mentor of my life, my Mom, resulted in this reflection about Joseph, the son of Jacob.

Joseph's life from the bird's view looks like downsteps. Do you remember how his brothers hated him when he was still in his father's house? And then how his brothers threw him into an empty well and sold him to the Egyptian? Not long after, Joseph became a slave in a foreign land without any relatives surrounding him. He was lonely and forgotten. The worst of the worst, he became a prisoner for a crime he never committed. Step after step is a step down, a step going from bad to worse, worse to worst.

However, the beautiful thing is what looks like downsteps in eyes of man, is the upsteps in the eyes of God. In the end, Joseph ruled over Egypt and saved his kin.

Are you feeling that your life is not getting better? You feel that you are always in difficult places and you don't seem to be able to jump out from the downward spirals. Be strong and have hope, our God is bringing you to a higher ground, he is working on your character and your mentality to get you ready for the challenges of being a ruler, a leader, a history maker, a world changer. Stay put, our time will come!

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