Sunday, May 12, 2013

Iron Man's Armor

I was just chatting with my lovely boyfriend, who is now in Venice, traveling with his family and making me stay all by myself in Amsterdam (no, he did not actually make me stay, I chose to stay, red.).  The topic was today's message at church "Hope in Jesus is An Anchor to Our Soul".

Yes, if I were a sailor. 

I began with objecting the analogy. I believed that when a ship sets on its anchor, it is close to shore. If not, how could the anchor reached the bottom and hold the ship still? So, if the ship is now close to the shore, I would be jumping out of the ship and choose to live in the island. Why would I face never-ending water and occasional storms everyday? 

The truth is I am not a sailor. 

This analogy is not applicable for me. The pastor needs to think of another one. What would he say if he's actually preaching only to me?

He's going to think that in the land, I would face mystical tree creatures (see Life of Pi), opposition of the original tribes (see Ace Ventura), dinosaurs (Jurassic Park), and many other challenges.And now he really has to think what would be an equivalent replacement for anchor in the land. 

An invisible cloak? Probably. 

Superman's superpower? Yes. 

My favorite is Iron Man's Armor. 

I guess, if I could put another hope beside in God, I'd like to have an Iron Man's armor. It's going to definitely solve almost all my problems in the land. 

Anyway, I was trying to prove to my he's-going-to-be-handsome-all-his-life, that there can be a life where I can survive without my anchor (God). It was by escaping to the life in the land. But I only come to face much more troubles in the land. 

Really, there is no safe place or real hope on earth and under heaven that I can put my trust onto. Can you think of something? Let me know. 

Jesus is the sole hope for my soul!

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