Thursday, October 22, 2015

Small Soft Little

I recently read Benny Hinn's "Selamat Pagi Roh Kudus". He discusses his experiences with Holy Spirit. He writes that He is real. He sees, He hears,  He feels, He thinks, and He acts. He is not less than God but He is God. Benny also reminds us to worship Him no less than the Father.

As I read through the pages, I began to understand that there were a few events in my life, Holy Spirit took control of me. He revealed Himself and prompted me to do a certain thing; to glorify God. I also began to wonder why He does not talk to me in that way that frequently these days.

Yes, it maybe is caused by the fact that I have replaced my times of singing praises and praying exclusively with plenty of book reading and knowledge expansion effort. I grow tired of playing the same songs over and spent precious minutes waiting. I turn to believing that wisdom is the key.

However as it turns out, I am starting to lose the ability to recognize His voice at all. Without dismissing the importance of wisdom, I need to learn to listen to His voice again.

I never knew how. Even though I have experienced events with Holy Spirit but I cannot differentiate His with other voices. I, now, believe that He only talks from the Scripture. Rhyme will do.

But the event this morning was an eye opener for me.

Last night I slept with a small soft little voice reminding me about the alarm. I think it was not necessary to put it on so I did not put it on for mom has asked me twice about my agenda this morning. I told her that I need to be at Kids Church in the morning. She asked twice so I thought she would remember. She always does. Except this morning.

So, as you can guess, I woke up very late to make it to Church. I felt terrible and silly. Yes, I shouldn't count on my mom to wake me up, at least not again. And yes, I should have listened to that small soft little voice.

Is it really a coincidence that it happens when I just read this book?

I believe it is a sweet reminder to end the year and to start 2016 with God. God the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.

He knows what we need--just like He knew that I needed that alarm this morning. He is for us. We should not be repulsive to Him. He is not our enemy.

Following Him requires new habits. Just like any great changes in life, they require plenty of new ways of life. Are we up and ready for those?

I pray so. We can! For He is with us.

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