Monday, May 2, 2011

IF i can say i love you...

This is the first post i make for the IFseries.

This week it's about romantic love for me. I stayed up later than I would normally be awake for the sake of watching several romance, comedy movies.

I find it amusing but also amazing seeing how a moment can change someone's life, especially when love comes in their way. Let's say, in Romeo and Juliet, one of the most tragic classic love story that man ever heard, I bet, you can count with your fingers how many times they meet (physically). Yet, their love is as strong as death.

Before I go on, I know, I apologize if I am a bit overboard here. FYI, I laugh at myself too while I am writing this piece for I have never thought I would write something like this.

Back to the movies, the part where the main actor and actress say the sacred three-word long, it's always dramatized. The director seems wanting to emphasize that it's all about love. Yeah, the movie and the story are to be told because of their love. Nothing else matters. =D. Well, I guess, that's somehow true. They should appreciate their moment. For they have gone through a lot of hurdles just to be there, to say "I love you" and to make the moment remembered for the rest of their life.

Jumping out of the movie discussion, I am now listening to the New Hillsong United album, the Aftermath. It's their songs that inspires me to write that post. I listened to "Like an Avalanche" and "Bones" and find a similarity in their lyrics. Both of the chorus of the songs have that sacred three-word. This time it's addressed to Dear God.

It's this truth that I've been loved every single day of my life by this person called Jesus that is undeniable. Yes, he loves me so. He loves me more than a romantic love. It's stronger than that. It's an individual experience like all other love experiences; one needs to feel it by himself to know that it's true and to be able to measure his lover's love.

So, IF I can say I love you, why would I wait so long to say it to you? I will say it right here right now, because there might not be a tomorrow. I love you, Dear J.

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