Saturday, April 30, 2011



It would be "what '...' there is no '...'?". =D.

The fact is 'if' is in the system. We can't take it out and we are used to have it around.

Inside our complex brain, the system tells us how to react to certain situation complementing our basic survival needs and maybe more (i.e. ruling the world as if in thinking, knowing, learning and mastering what's going on in the universe to control it).

Anyway, it works from the simplest procedure of bringing an umbrella if it's raining up to predicting when the world is going to end if it's going to end.

What I want to say is actually this. I keep on thinking why I make this decision and not that decision. Most of the time for me, the simple decision making of yes, no becomes very complicated inside my brain and there are points where I can't reason further. I don't have sufficient data to continue the if's process.

Whenever I reached that point of frustration, I just wish that there would be no ifs or my mind could work in a more simpler way.

However, a wish sometimes is better to be a wish. I don't have the power to change things, let alone changing the system. We all understand that 'if' helps us to simplify many situations. I guess, what I could do now is to think less and do more.

*While writing this post, I became inspired to write more about my 'if's. Not really knowing how it's gonna turn out but hopefully it can help sorting my problems and maybe our problems too. We'll see how it goes. Bye for now.

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