Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Suddenly I remember the ways my Mom and Dad used to use to remind me not-to-be-naughty.
I feel funny now, how I could be that stubborn before. Anyway, got some points to learn.

Well, here are how my parents did 'it':

First, they noticed I did something bad (whether it was my need-to-improve habit or my naughtiness, I vaguely remember) then they looked at me in the eyes and shake their head. Meaning: no, not good, stay away.

Second, I ignored the eye-speaking-sign. Mom would start pointing her finger and sway it. She meant again: still not good, I warned you! -- Dad stayed silent.

Third, I still played around the fire. This time Mom will start speaking to me, "Raissa, don't!"

Forth, I was so small, too curious about everything, even curious about the look of my Mom's angry face. lol. So, she'll start calling my name again, this time to sit beside her. She was going to 'cubit' me.

Fifth, I didn't heed her. I ran outside. I knew she was going to make that move if I sat beside her. Then, it came to the time, when she's gonna go after me and grabbed my hand too-tightly til it hurt and finally 'cubit' me and tell me all the things that I should have done.

Sixth, Daddy still stayed calm. However, if there was no Mommy around. He's gonna go directly with the fifth method plus a stick in his hand, or a comb. My doom.

Well, after all, both of them will come to me and explain, that teaching or punishment is sometimes necessary. It's for me to remember it well. I guess, what they did is really effective, ha? I do remember it well.

Now, I hope, I can be more sensitive so that they don't have to scold me physically. Well, if I do get scolded. I should always understand, it's for my good.


  1. haha naughty little Raissa :P
    btw were u looking for the word pinch? :)

  2. hahaha.. iyoo... males banget buat nginget2 ato buka kamus.. mesti berubah iki.. thx kk!