Thursday, April 14, 2011


My morning bread and butter (literally) in San Diego :
1. Down slice: Nuttela, the Original Hazelnut Spread
2. Upper slice: Skippy, Cream Peanut Butter
3. In between: Kraft Cheddar Cheese Low Fat

It's yum with very strong Skippy peanut taste supported by rich dark-milkish Nuttela chocolate. The cheese is a bit odd, but I just like it like that.

Anyway, while preparing my sandwich just now -I ate them in no sec and now it's running down the maze of my body, not knowing how they could turn out to be something, uhm, ... tomorrow morning- I thought of something.

The formation of my sandwich just looks like the formation of relationships. Each one of any living human is created precisely special and unique in all ways that only he/she and the Creator know. Just like my jams: I've got Skippy and Nuttela.

In texture they are very different, one is coarser and the other one is smoother. In color, I have shiny dark brown for the N and light peanut yellowish-brown for the S. So, I assumed I've got two different persons here.

What's interesting is when I am about to mix them together, meaning putting one on top of the other, I insert my slice of Kraft Cheddar Cheese in between those two slices of bread which makes my bright yellow cheese intervenes. It's just like dear Daddy who's so fond of relationship(s) that he just wants to jump in between each of the relationships we're in.

As a result, I have made my own home-made styled sandwich. It tastes just perfect. plus the Cheese, I've added another new breakfast-eating experience in my life.
Good morning, world!

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  1. yum yum, oh im so gonna buy peanut butter tomorrow! hahaha :P