Tuesday, April 19, 2011

learning love-hate

What if i say, the truth is no one likes learning.

Studying, learning, and being-taught mean similarly. For me, it's a pain-staking process from not-knowing-anything to understanding-the-thing-slightly-better.

I had a little conversation with my housemate just now. He hates studying at night. He's tired and he needs his sleep and when he's sleepy he's just not in the mood for studying.

Then, I mentioned to him that I love studying at night. It's quiet and inspiration is just flowing over.

Well, I don't really want to point out the differences of studying types here. I only thought that if both of us do love studying, it won't matter when and how we would be studying.

So I come to the conclusion that I personally don't really like studying. Yes, I made a statement that I love studying at night but I guess I meant, I prefer the time at night for studying and not the time when the sun is shining. And if I have the option not to study and go to sleep, I would be under the blanket already and sleep my night through.

What's funny here -I don't know about how you feel about studying, do you like it or hate it- is that the Wise always says that we have to seek wisdom like priceless treasure and choose knowledge despite of wealth, but in fact only a few people do practice it (including me).

I study because I have to study: tomorrow is exam day -what else can I do. I study because I don't want to get red marks; my parents won't like it and I would hate myself. I don't perfectly agree with these reasons. They are too shallow and don't last long.

I wish I could study because I love it, because I want it above all else, because it's my lifestyle and it is for God. I wish.

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  1. i was wishing for the same thing. but then i realize, no, i simply do not like studying. i like learning though. too bad most learning come as a package with studying, haha