Saturday, April 9, 2011

Patience cooks result

The aroma of the chicken broth slowly lurks into my nose and tempts my hunger to hurryly jump to the pot and open the lid.

I am making "nasi tim" at present. I haven't had a single meal yet since this morning. The idea of making nasi tim suddenly came to me. I browsed my refrig and found enough ingredients to make it. Plus, it's cloudy and cooler outside; a warm tasty meal will really make my day, I think.

So, there I am sitting, waiting for the chicken to juice out more and more broth and reading "the Shack by William P. Young" altogether at the same time. Then the aroma comes around. And I wonder...

What a patience should one's have while waiting and hoping for the best to come.

All professional cook, I believe, understands this concept. They can't hurry the meal's preparation, they could ruin everything by doing so. I am not a cook, not even close, I am just learning (from Mom's, sisters, Youtube and cookbooks). One thing that I learn from them: there is guideline in cooking and believe it or not, I should follow the guideline in order to cook it better. If not, I think, I'll be able to eat them but no one else would like to. Lol.

Patience will eventually show better results.

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