Thursday, October 6, 2011

Like a charm

Oh, tonight was a night full of blessings.

It was raining super hard when I went to Flood College's Life-Group. But it was surprising how everyone in the Life-Group love our Awesome God so much. So many people came in despite of the rain. There were even more people who came in our group than the last two weeks'.

In the group, each of us got the chance to share our 'paperclip stories'. It was very touching how God has been working in each of us, shaped us to the person we are right now, and used relationships in our life to show His love and mercy for us. I was fully refreshed.

Back home, I went in through the door on fire and full of love. And seeing me so glowing, my housemate commented, "Good! It's better that you're this way, so highly-spirited and positive. Go to church more!"

Her comment just got me realize that there is always a blessing stored for me when I take the step to actually look for God. And the fact of the matter is that He loves to meet me too and give me the blessing in person.

Whatever situations that I bring up to God, good and bad, I always find joy, strength, and peace in His presence. He is faithful. And what King David says in Psalm is super agreeable, "One day in God's temple is more than 1000 years anywhere else".

God's presence for me always works like a charm. It's magic.

Experience it, friends!

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