Monday, October 10, 2011


I am working on a 1500 jigsaw puzzle at the moment. The puzzle is called Dona III 1965.

The work progress is about 35% right now. Even though it's not completely done, I'd like to reflect some learning points while working on this project.

1. Each piece of the puzzle has its own purpose.
2. Most of the time when I look at one piece of the puzzle, I don't have any idea about what's this piece for, where to place it, or where it belongs to.
3. And even sometimes even a group of two or three complementing pieces still confuses me.
4. Many times I get stuck and get a terrible headache.
5. However, as I keep trying to put the pieces together, a form of object is formed.
6. Eventually, it's going to be complete and it's going to look beautiful.

While I am writing this post, I believe in my heart, that everyone of us has at least played a puzzle for once in our life. Some of us hates puzzle and other loves it. And some would also assume that our life is a piece of puzzle. And when this one piece is placed in the right place, it would show the greater purpose, the bigger picture, and the glory of the Maker.

I like that analogy personally. Each of us has a place designed specifically for us that no other pieces can replace our place. And as a piece of puzzle, we can't move on our own and forced ourselves to stay in a place where we are not supposed to be. We have to let the puzzle Maker to bring us the right place.

So, are we in the right place? I hope we all are. /Godbless

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