Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good to be back!

Hi everyone -- my loyal friend, my future subscriber, and my occasional-reader! It's good to have you here! I have been hiding away from writing in the blog for a long period of time -- even longer than I think I'd been. On my bike this morning, I felt the impulse to write again. I've got a new series in mind. I am calling it: EverestVerse EverestVerse will be a compilation of Bible verses that have spoken to me, inspire me, encourage me, and rebuke me. Why am I thinking of writing this series? I believe what I have learned on my journey with God are great lessons of life. Most of the time, I learn that by reading the Bible and find some verses that speak to me. And most of the time, after the problem passes, I forget the verse that encouraged me. This series is hoped to prevent me for forgetting good lessons. In a way, this series is about me. However, I believe, this series would also have a significance on your life. The misterious ways of the Lord, transcend all technology and time and He might just save you in time through reading EverestVerse. Like He always does. Our God is might to save. Cheers, Raissa

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