Friday, December 14, 2012

10 days before Christmas

I would like to first admit that I have learned hard lessons this year. I went through refining fire. I almost came out burnt as ashes, but praise God, I would not. I believe that He has instilled diamonds quality in me. I will definitely reflects his love more extravagantly once I am out of this furnace. 

Anyways, I just read my own old blog posts from last years. I could see how faithful is my God. He has done great things for my life: saving me from car accident, meeting me with the right people on my traveling, surrounded me with some great folks, allowing me to see the best places of this earth, and many more. Then I wondered if I have had some exciting stories this year. But it is just not the same. This year was less thrilling, less adventurous -- from a story plot point of view. 

Am I being not thankful for this year? I am not. 

I am thankful for everything that God is working on in my life this year. In the top ten of my praise list, somewhere in between God, my coolest family (Mom, Dad, and Lil' Bro), best friends, and church family, there is this guy. He is from Solo. He likes me and I like him. He changes my world. He lightens my burden. He makes me smile. He takes care of me when I am sick and depressed. He surprises me. He listens. 

I know that there is only a few films that tell the after-story of how a boy meets the girl of his life. Those films always end with they live happily ever after. Maybe, film producers that life after that is boring. But I see it differently. I see that things will get much more interesting after 'the end'. 

This post is not intended to tease those who has not found her or his one. I am currently and will be praying the hardest prayer ever prayed, "Lord, let your will be done on me". Courtship is a serious commitment, it is best if I can use this time to really know this guy inside out. Attentive to what God have to say to me, he will give me the strength to do it. 

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