Monday, December 17, 2012

Wasting time is

Wasting time is spending plenty of time doing something halfheartedly and ends up with nothing at all, but resentment and self pity. 
Have you ever been in my situation? 
I work but my mind is not on my work. It is on 'idle' mode. I, therefore, minimize my work, turn the video player on, and relax, but in a few minutes my mind sends alert signals that deadline is coming. I can relax no more and I can work no longer. 

This is what I realize.
I should do everything wholeheartedly. If I have decided to work, I should work until the work is done. If the work is never ending, I should plan my work so that I will not be over-worked or become a workaholic. If I think I need to rest, I will rest. I will not think about any works that await me and bug me. This way there is no time wasted on being confused. 

Take home points.
Wholeheartedly work. 
Wholeheartedly play. 

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