Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Unreasonably right

FLASH NEWS: I submitted my thesis yesterday! Praise God. What a relief, one year of effort translated in 103 pages of writing.

My story today is about how good and great the work of God is in my life. 

For many people writing a thesis is a piece of cake, but not for some, including me. I did not know where to start and how to finish it. Fortunately, I was surrounded with awesome people who support me relentlessly in prayers and words of encouragement. Thanks, Guys!

And even though I had missed God's prompts, such as buying a black ink cartridge (not just the colored one) and not bringing bicycle lamps, He still allowed me to submit the thesis on time. The not-fun part was that I had to live with the consequences of not 'really' listening to Him. 

Firstly, I had to go the campus, wait for long queues, and pay a higher cost of printing just because I ran out of black ink at home. Secondly, I had to be extra more careful while riding my bike home, since the sun was already set. The police could have stopped me on my way and sanctioned me with a fee for riding without lights. 

It is only after things passed that I knew that it is the voice of the Lord. It was so soft that I could easily think that it is not important, but I was wrong. It was soft because Holy Spirit is soft and not pushy. His intention is for my best. He will get me where I am supposed to be even though I try to work things on my own. His grace is so abundant that I will not fall out of it but I sincerely think that I got to be more attentive and obedient the next time. And save some troubles for myself.

God bless you, Friends! 

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