Monday, January 21, 2013


I wish I would never have to write this post. But because there are no accidents, I, wholeheartedly believe that this is for you, for us. 

Last week, when I wrote the post entitled Treasure, it was about my Blackberry phone. I lost it. And it was not the first time I lost a mobile phone. It was the fifth. Up to now, I am not sure whether somebody stole it or I carelessly drop it somewhere. 

Losing this Blackberry hit me hard. It had been in my life for almost two years and always been there for me when I wanted to call, message, and talk to somebody. I thought it would still be with me for another decade. I treasured it. 

In a way, I feel rob. I feel that some parts of me are missing. I am incomplete without my Blackberry. Moreover, it is very hard to find as good of a replacement as the lost one. I know, there are many cooler phones out there, but they will not be able to replace the memory that we had. 

On the other hand, I am also strongly reminded about this verse. John 10:10a (NIV).
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; 
John 8:44 says that the thief is Satan (I am not implying about human thief here, but the spiritual thief). Thus I begin to ask me, ask us, these questions. Are we always guarded? Have we build a strong wall or the most advanced security system in our lives to fight against this thief? Or is it more often that we let our guards down and we are not alert that we are in a dangerous zone while the thief is targeting us? 

At times, I admit that I forget that I am in a constant spiritual battle. I think, God is my shield and my salvation, He is gonna have my back. So, I do not really put my armors tight while I am living my daily life. Is this kind of thinking right? Now, no, I do not think so.

Other parts of the Bible also say that (1) our battle is not in the flesh, it is spiritual, (2) we have to put on the full armor of God to be able to stand against the devils' scheme. In other words, we must be guarded all the time, lest we would be bruised, stripped, and left with nothing. 

Losing a Blackberry is not fun. Now I have to pay a big amount of money to get a replacement for it. But I think, it is worse if we lose something precious spiritually (for example: our quality and communication channel with God), because it might be harder and more costly to redeem that. 

I sincerely pray that we will always be ready to fight the devil to stop the devil from stealing from us any longer. We got to fight for more victories in our lives! 

P.S. If God is for us, who could stand against us. Yes, God is there to fight with and for us, but, no, it does not mean that we are free from the battle. We still got to fight, Friends!

Raissa Setiawan

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