Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lady Wisdom

Wisdom is not too faraway of our reach. It is only as far as how responsive our eyes, ears, and feet to spot and embrace it.

I have read the book of Proverbs for more than a dozen times. But this morning, reading again Proverbs 8 (MSG) has opened my eyes to the secrets of finding this-so-called precious Lady Wisdom.

I have always thought that Lady Wisdom is a treasure, buried deep-down in the deepest ocean. I got to have the most advanced technology to screen the ocean floor (think of the movie, Titanic). However, this morning, I just realized that Lady Wisdom is everywhere. Verse one and two of the passage explain it. It is said,
Do you hear Lady Wisdom calling?Can you hear Madame Insight raising her voice?She’s taken her stand at First and Main,at the busiest intersection.Right in the city squarewhere the traffic is thickest, she shouts,
The only thing I could have done differently to find it is to be more alert, more receptive, with what I hear, see, and think in my daily life. The answer is not deep down in the ocean. But it is around me, in my routines, in the roads that I pass through every morning, and the people that I live and work with every waking moment.

So, have you been listening to what they say? Have you been seeing what they've been trying to show you? Let us not harden our heart and be transformed with the renewal of our minds in Christ Jesus.
Blessed the man, blessed the woman, who listens to me,
awake and ready for me each morning,
alert and responsive as I start my day’s work.
When you find me, you find life, real life,
to say nothing of God’s good pleasure.

Raissa Setiawan

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