Thursday, January 22, 2015


Tax collectors in Jesus' time had been known as heartless, wicked, selfish, and cruel. Not only they took more tax than the amount they should receive, but they did it forcefully. They are rich, freakingly wealthy.

Despite all the money he could or could not spend (for it was too many), Zacchaeus found something was missing. He was not satisfied with his life. He yearned for more. That was why when he heard about Jesus coming to his town, he was pretty pumped with curiousity. Maybe deep down, he knew that Jesus is the one that he's been waiting for who was able to fill in the bleeding hole in his heart.

Being shorter than the rest of the people who crowded around Jesus, Zacchaeus had a purposeful heart. He was determined to see Jesus. He did not back away after seeing the crowd. He stressed his mind and looked for away to call for Jesus' attention. He spotted where Jesus was going, ran passed the crowd, and climbed a tree on Jesus' way. He hoped that when Jesus passed by, Jesus would see him on that tree and he could see Jesus face to face. What a brilliant mind. 

Jesus finally saw Zaccheaus and changed Zacchaeus life for the better. Zacchaeus found something more meaningful than money, gold, power, and wealth. He found Jesus. His life felt complete. 

There are so much that I, maybe we, could learn from Zacchaeus. The longing of his heart for something meaningful. The curiousity about a man who -rumour has it- has healed people and given people new life. The drive, the wit, the passion to get to that man who he hoped would cure the pain in his heart. The humbling act of running; he was a top-rank officer, running was something that only low-rank soldiers would do. Lastly, the child-like behaviour, which call for attention. Clinbing the tree, it is almost like a kid shouting to his parents, "I am here, I am here. Look at me, Mom. Look at me, Daddy!". 

Have we had a heart that is calling for Jesus attention? Have we had a heart that does not give up doing stupid things until He notices us? 

Jesus seems to like that kind of actions. They look childish, yes, but didn't He say to have faith like little kids? 

For me personally, this truth reminds me of how fun it could be to seek Jesus face. I have been putting this relationship with Jesus as something casual, old friends. I know Him and He knows me, but I did not try something new to rekindle this relationship. I don't try to get His attention as much I used to when we were still new friends. I remember those silly moments when I just could not keep my hands off the phone when I had a new best friend. I just wanted to talk to her about everything, know everything she does, watches, and eats. I searched for reasons to play longer with her and spend so much time together. 

Really, it was fun, right? Why can't it be fun now? 

Well, we can! We just have to do it all over again. 

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