Friday, January 30, 2015

Things Unseen

I have been seeing some miracles this past week.

The first one was in Crown Victoria Hotel, parking area. I was parking my car. I put the gear on reverse and looked on my right rear view mirror. There I slowly moved to the perfect parking position. Too confident, I did not look at my left rear view mirror nor did I turn my head back. Done parking, now I look through my left rear view mirror. There was a black electrical pole, 15 cm in diameter, very tall, not too far from the back of my car. If I did my parking just slightly to the left side, I would have hit that pole and made a good dent on my car.

The second one was WTC Surabaya, in a parking area too. I was going to buy a case for my new, satisfied purchase, Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But I didn't really know the where the entrance to the building was. So I parked my car in the building next to the WTC building. I had to walk quite a distance to that parking building. There I browsed through what I looked for, but could not find the one that captured my heart. But looking out of the windows, the sky was so dark like the sky was going to fall. I hurriedly did my visits to the stores that I wanted to check on, and found nothng. So I rushed out and tried to get back to my car as fast I could. The sky had almost fallen. Haha. Anyway, I got back right on time before the very heavy, unstoppable rain and wind come.

I personally believe that those are miracles. With all my limitation; not looking at both mirrors, not bringing un umbrella, God had hindered me from accidents. There was a preacher who said, "That's the exact reason why you should be thankful at all times. The countless blessings are from the ones that you do not see. The ones that God has protected you from. Not only the ones that you really feel and comprehend with your mind."

God has done such great things and small little things to keep us safe and sound. He makes dozens of angels serve us and protect us from evil.

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