Sunday, July 12, 2015


Today is our last Sundate before he'd be my fiance next month.

Our Sundate always ends in a train station. He takes a train to Solo and I stay here in Tulungagung.

But the train was delayed today. We waited for almost an hour and I was not allowed to get into the waiting room. So we talked with the divider in between us.

Not knowing when the train will come, he got hungry. So I offered to buy him a packed meal. Tahu telor.

I went to the closest food stall in front of the train station and found that it was not too crowded. I ordered one and was going to buy another one for my mom. I called her but she said she did not feel like eating. So I sticked to buy one.

The lady was just starting to do my order when he called. He said the train is arriving in no time. I said wait for me a little longer. Almost done.

So the lady made it quick and I felt that I need to run. So I ran.

When I got to the train station, he was not in the waiting room anymore. I could not get to the platform, so I could not make that scene from the famous Bollywood movies.

So I asked the ticket officer, whom we happened to have conversation with in the hour the train got delayed to pass the meal to him.

The siren was rang. The engine was started. The train was going to move soon. I had to call him to take the meal from the officer. The officer was confused, not knowing in which train he sat, but was eager to help.

He got to the train door and thankfully just before the train left, the officer found him and delivered the meal.

I thought to myself if only I didn't run to the train station. I would not make it.

It was also my first run since forever.

I rarely run. But sometimes we do need to run.

When God prompts us to run, we should run. When God prompts us to stay, we should stay.

And as we obey him, he will deliver. Like he did with my meal.

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