Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are you ready for SURPRISES?

Surprises always take someone off-guard. It is sudden, unexpected and unanticipated.

There could be three types of surprises in this world, according to me, lol. First category of surprises is the surprises which make you happy. The examples are plenty, like: birthday surprises, Christmas gifts, and lottery winning. On the other hand, the second category can be related to loses; disaster, death of a friend or family member, accidents and sicknesses. They break our heart.

The later and the last is the category of surprises which challenges you to do something. It requires a right and reactive reaction at the time you get the surprise. These surprises don’t last too long. They might only come once in a life time. They could be categorized as an opportunity by some people but for the novices, it might be difficult to be seen as one.

Like this afternoon, after church, I took the metro line 6 home. I had to change to line 2. It was quite a cold day today and I was off the train and a bit rushing to take the other train (line 2’s) –couldn’t take the cold and only wanted to get home really fast. Two girls approached me and asked me a question in Chinese. They thought I am Chinese –in fact, I am Indonesian Chinese, but can’t speak Chinese, lol. I didn’t really understand what the question was and I just said that I am sorry, I can’t speak Chinese. And with a nice answer, they thanked me, “thanks”. I would never see them again.

After that event, inside the metro, I pondered I could have helped them in a better way. Yes, I couldn’t understand what they are asking for but at least I could try to understand their question more by asking whether they’re able to speak English or not. If they can, I might be able to help them and thus I created a nice memory in their mind and heart. Also in my heart.

I might not see them anymore but it becomes a lesson for me. The verse of Matthew 5:43 all at once rung inside my ears. It says “And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain (KJV)”. When people approach us with their problem and questions, are we ready to answer their questions no matter what our condition is? Can we show them that we can exceed their expectations? Would we at least show them compassion?

Even though they would rephrase their question, there was a chance that I wouldn’t be able to help or give them what they need (to know). But, an act of good will, intention and kindness can in a way or two make a difference; both in their life and mine.

Are you ready for surprises?
Are you ready to treat a stranger like a friend and an enemy like a family?
Let’s be prepared!

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