Monday, December 26, 2011

Are we too slow?

Earlier today, a friend of mine rang me and asked me to pick her up from her boyfriend's place.

I was so into my writing at that time and if I got up and left my desk, I wouldn't remember the things I was gonna write again. But anyways, I said yes.

I finished some more sentences, closed the notebook, and went hurriedly to pick her up. I didn't want to make her wait.

Once I was there, I rang her letting her know that I am waiting. 1 minute passed. 2 minutes. 5 minutes. I began to be impatient. I wondered what took her so long to get down. I rang her again. And not soon after she showed her face.

While I was waiting, I came across this thought.

Many times, we call on the Name of God. We ask Him to come to our rescue. Hurry, please, we say. And in no time, He's there, ready to save us. But instead of going with Him right away, we let Him wait. We haven't finished preparing. We are too slow. We are the ones who are not ready.

Yes, God is patient. He has all eternity to wait for us. But we don't. I am just imagining, if we could try to be a little bit faster, a little bit readier, how much farther we could go, especially with God beside us.

Anyway, lesson for today, be ready! Efficiency is the key to an effective production.
God bless us, friends!

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