Monday, December 26, 2011

Magic Candle

I just had the most refreshing conversation with my mom.

We were talking about this Magic Candle.

She started with stating, "A candle lit up in a house full of candle doesn't really light up its surrounding. The place is bright enough without it. But for someone in the dark, it means the world to him. It lights up his path and brings him to light -- life."

I got to response to her in this way, "But, it's very windy out there. The fire in the candle can be just blown up and gone easily. And the guy would be back in the dark."

She replied, promptly, "It's a magic candle. It won't be lit off by anything."

I was startled. What an interesting truth.

Many times, we would be that candle (light). We are sent to places where we can't find any other candles around us. The place is black. It's scary. It's windy. It seems dangerous. But we are in the right place. The place where we are needed the most.

And as God has said, I'll baptize you in fire, I believe, He's the fire that would keep us alive and shining. And just like the Magic Candle, we would be able to bring people in the right track without blacking out.

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