Friday, June 8, 2012

Double Double

I am officially 22 now.

Like every other 21 years that had happened in my life, I'd never known what 's gonna happen in the next 365 days of my life. As I look back for awhile. I am just awed with my God, JESUS CHRIST, has done in my life. Things that I have never thought and imagined were given to me. I am so very thankful for all the small details that I have gone through.

"Nothing can be wrong when the Sovereign God guides one's path." I'd like to believe that.

This year, anything can happen! Right now I only pray that I'll be obedient enough and diligent enough to hear His small voices in my every day life, even if my Master asks me to do something UNREASONABLE.

Bottomline: I am open to the ways of God! Super curious! Super excited! Super pumped! It'll be a roller coaster! But I'll get off it alive and full of joy!

Friends, help me monitoring my journey with God and people by keeping in touch with me via email or commenting on my posts. Thank you!

Heart you!

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